My animal spirit: the gator

baby gatorIf every child must discover their spirit animal when comingp of age then I believe mine is the alligator..

Why. My father was a sportswriter. He and my mother went to Super Bowl III in Miami FLA when I was about twelve. A few weeks after they got home to our Ritner Street row house I and my little brothers (ages 2 and 3) went to the front door, Mail was coming through the slot. There was a long box. I opened the end of it and a baby alligator’s  head popped out. My brother ran to the back of the house. After getting the gator out from under the couch, I cared for it. Pogo was its name. You probably can’t put baby gators in the mail nowadays.  Sometime lattr  it escaped from its tank, out the yard, into the alley. A neighbor  kid came marching up  the alley with a sharp stick “I killed the dragon! I killed the dragon!” So Pogo was dead. But I liked him and didn’t mind  the bites. I always look at the gators when they’re on display and I’m working on a screenplay idea that involves a special gator. Spirit aninal.

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