Philadelphia History Museun at Atwater Kent

Today the commander-in-chief (her name is Cathy) and I were given a guided tour of the Philadelphia History Museum, known to us old-schooler, born-and-bred Philadelphians simply as The Atwater Kent. The tour was kindly given by the Director of programming and Public Engagement, Prudence.

Fascinating. A great museum. Overlooked, perhaps, as is much of the history that happened here, with the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and the rest  just a few blocks away.

It should be a stop on any pass through Philadelphia for a traveler. locals should give it a look too.

High Street
Third and High Streets (Third and Market)


This is where I’ll give a lecture about Shot Tower  and then lead a tour from the museum to the Tower on September 19.

Fascinating visit added impetus to the move of a Shot Tower sequel from the  we’ll-see to the seriously-thinking status. Next step is outlining. Working title for this historical fiction is Liberty Land.

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