Historical Fiction Publishers

The list below will be dated as publishers are scouted, latest date at the top.

I am one,  self-style. Have a look at Shot Tower. I’m open to traditional old-school publishing, while it exists.

This is a quick scout of publishers that indicate they handle historical fiction (or hist-fi.) New entries  will be added as they are scouted. They’ll be added by date. Followers would not be e-mailed about updates within a post, so come back or leave the page up and refresh occasionally.

Updates to text will be in bold.

The simple list below will be the name of the publisher with a link to their web site. Under that will be my comments.

May 2, 2015

Quest Publications
Located in Greece, the Big Town. Athens.

Open to submissions.

They are working to expand their list.

Konstantinos Karatolios of Quest writes, “We will have a historical fiction e-book ready in the next few days…”  He said he’d let me know when it appears. I’ll update here when it does.

“We are indeed located in Greece but we are looking to have our books distributed worldwide.”

It’s not easy though. “That’s why we believe that we must mainly try to promote our e-books which are easier to sell everywhere in the world.”

The Crown Publishing Group
Crown is an imprint of Random House, a major outfit. On their site’s menu bar you’ll see BOOKS. If you click that it should open a BOOLS BY CATEGORY list.

Historical Fiction is on the list but, at this moment in time, if you click it you’ll open a page that has no titles for the category. Maybe someday.

If you’re looking to submit they suggest, in the old-school way:  “If you would like to have your work or manuscript considered for publication by a major book publisher, we recommend that you work with an established literary agent.”

Good luck with that.

Arkadia Publishing
Looks to be focused on local history by U.S. region. A worthy effort. No sign of historical fiction. It would be right up their readers’s alley.

Question has been posed. Response  will be posted.

Sunbury Press
Extensive historical fiction list. Seeking manuscripts in the genre. “Wanted: Manuscripts!” Publishes hard covers.  Electronic submission. No hard copies.

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