Historical Fiction Worth Reading

Of course we start with this one,

Shot Tower

That’s my own America Civil War Era story. Below are historical fiction works I have read, and which had influence to the point where it became a genre worth working.

No overall order, ratings or reviews. All are worth a look.

Some links below may go to a book or to other valuable targets, for instance,  The Patrick O’Brian Compendium.

Some content in this post will be made into a page, for curatorial web site permanence.

Patrick O’Brian: author of 20 book about the English navy in the Age of Sail.

Steven Pressfield: Work in an assortment of eras. Pressfield has also written a notable non-fiction called The War of Art which would interest writers and those struggling in any creative  endeavor.

The next three have been read in a Roman Era block multiple times.

Quo Vadis: Roman era
The Robe: Roman era
Ben Hur: Roman era

Julian: Roman era

MASH: Korean War era. Released in 1968, the book perhaps does not  fit into the fifty years past criterion of the Historical Novel Society. Some leeway may be lent for the conflict as a somewhat overlooked event, as wars go.

Little Big Man: Nineteenth Century American West

The Killer Angels: American Civil War era. Battle of Gettysburg.


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