A Visit to Chimborazo

I visited the pleasant and informative Civil War Medical Museum here in Richmond last weekend. Pleasant because it’s in a nice little neighborhood and it’s a national park, so free.


Twenty-minute film, well-done displays and a very helpful attendant made it informative. Learned that 19th-century hospitals flew a yellow flag. Noted.

The above image depicts the site when it was in operation. The museum contains a scale 3D model of the same layout. None of the structures have survived, The museum is in a building that was formerly a visitor center, It’s one of several national park sites in the town.and region.

The neighborhood is an area of older rowhomes in a section of town known as Shockoe Bottom. Residential with green space and the museum on a plateau, it’s minimally reminiscent of the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. Minimally. And just as Richmond has its long. straight Broad Street you might say this is its Fairmount, You might.;

I’m spending so much time in Richmond research conducts itself and the town has worked its way into a place in one of the later tales in the Shot Tower series.Book four or later.

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