Today Part One: J.E.B. Stuart’s grave


Stuart GraveAt Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond. No one happened along to take my picture by J.E.B. Stuart’s grave. Maybe next time. Nice location. I may go back if the weather holds out. Stuart (J.E. B., James Ewell Brown) will figure in the second historical novel in my series. Can’t have a second story until the first becomes something. Currently engaged in the query-submit tango. One publisher is currently evaluating Shot Tower. Not a big one but they’d be ideal. I won’t mention the name. No jinx! Stay tuned for standing pitch type of post, in case some agent/manager/publisher happens by.





Haunted TankFitting, My first contact with Stuart was with his ghost via the “Haunted Tank” stories in the G.I. Combat war comic back in the Sixties.


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