Port Royal Fleet

port royal fleet

This is the official Order of Sailing of the fleet that assaulted Port Royal Sound, South Carolina in November, 1861. The source of the page may be jotted on one of the dozens of pages in a box, folder or notebook that comprise research that has been shuffled, reviewed and moved around over the decades.

The battle is a featured episode in my  novel Shot Tower. Recent work on that chapter was apparently conducted while the page was upside down. Admiral DuPont’s flagship, Wabash, is at the right center. Some ships were circled because they could be found in the book Ships of the Civil War 1861-1865 by Kevin J. Dougherty, a fine and useful volume.


  1. Bill, our great-great grandfather, Thomas Moore, born in Austria, came to America @ 1860 and looks like he signed up immediately in the US Navy (probably got citizenship that way). My niece, Helen, has his veteran’s papers. He contacted rheumatism while serving in the Navy in South Carolina. She also has the list on ships on which he served. He received $6 a month veteran’s benefits. I’ll ask her to send me the list of ships. It would be interesting to find out. Jeanne Snyder


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